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Thanks to an exceptional glide and a very high rigidity, the KIWI has been developed around a balanced design between performance and stability which gives it great accessibility.

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To achieve our goals, we have not made any compromises in terms of manufacturing and materials.

Each element constituting the foil was chosen with a very specific objective.


In carbon prepreg of 85 cm, is the result of long structural analysis to guarantee a balance between finesse and rigidity. The design is based on a very low drag profile and very high-end materials.


TITANIUM and carbon of 67 cm, centerpiece of the foil consists of two parts, the front part in titanium to guarantee extreme rigidity, great finesse and indestructible! The rear part in carbon for more lightness and modularity.


The KIWI is available with a choice of 2 wings, 1000cm² and 1300cm².

All our wings have been the subject of a development and a specific design.

  • The 1000 cm² will suit the intermediate rider to experiment, it is distinguished by a high level of gliding and speed potential.

We recommend it to the rider from 50 to 85 kg for the practice Wingfoil, Kitefoif.

  • The 1300 cm² is the most versatile wing in the range, it is characterized by a perfect balance between lift and performance. With the 1300 you will be comfortable in all the practices Wingfoil, Surfoil, Supfoil.

If there is a wing to have in its quiver, it is the 1300cm2 that you need!


For the stabilizers, we have made the choice to machine them G 10, this choice is based on several criteria, first of all, the machining allows a very high precision and a great modularity in the design.

Indeed, during the development of the foil, we became aware of the immense impact of the stabilizer on the behavior of the foil, so we looked for a manufacturing mode that allows us to have a choice of the most scalable and large choice in the range.

Thus, the rider can adapt the behavior of the foil as close as possible to the desired navigation style.

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